BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management qualification is for people whose workplace role requires skills or recognition in supervisory functions. Frontline managers provide leadership and guidance to others and take responsibility for the effective functioning and performance of the team and its work outcomes

The training topics include:

  • Teams
  • Innovation
  • Business Risk
  • Work Health & Safely
  • Work Priorities
  • Training in the workplace
  • Environmentally sustainable work practice

Delivery Structure
The course will be delivered over 1 to 2 years, depending on the experience of the individual learner and mode of delivery. The qualification may be delivered via workshops, using a combination of a face-to-face learning or real-time online webinars, with online support webinars, practical sessions involving small-group and individual activities and industry tours.

You can download a copy of the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management course information sheet BSB42015 Course Information Sheet

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