AHC30516 Certificate III in Poultry Production covers topics that align to working on a poultry farms. 4 Up Skilling offers programs that are contextualised for the broiler and layer industry. Training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a company, or students can join in with our industry group programs.

Key features include:

  • The use of Poultry Industry Specialists recognised as experts in the industry.
  • Strong pathways into Certificate IV and Diploma of Agriculture.
  • Quality industry training resources.
  • A strong focus on sustainable farming practices in an intensive production system.
  • Increased employability skills, achieving on-farm efficiencies.
  • Flexible outcomes based on the participant’s role requirements &
  • building on their existing skills and knowledge.

The training topics include:

  • Work Health and Safely
  • Biosecurity & pest management
  • Animal welfare requirements
  • Quality assurance & sustainable work practices
  • Implement animal health control programs
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable workplace
  • Identify and report unusual disease or plant pest signs
  • Carry out post-mortem examination
  • Monitor livestock production growing environments
  • Clean and fumigate sheds intensive production systems

Delivery Structure

4 Up Skilling offers flexible delivery which provides training when it best suits the participant and / or employer. Flexible delivery focuses on providing the best possible learning experience for the participant. This means that the participant has greater control over what, when and how they learn. AHC30516 Certificate III in Poultry Production is delivered over 6 to 18 months. Assessment are completed by contextualised relevant workplace projects, and may include short answer questions, third party reports / logbooks and workplace farm assessments.

You can download a copy of the AHC30516 Certificate III in Poultry Production course information sheet here:

AHC30516 Course Information Sheet

Course delivery is via Workshops or Webinars

  • Workshop delivery models

Three intensive annual workshops, each three days in length (subject to numbers).

Students can enrol throughout the year and commence at the start of a workshop.


One 4 hour workshop per month to medium – large enterprises (subject to numbers).

  • Webinars

Compulsory online monthly webinars with intermittent non-compulsory online tutorials sessions.

Students can enrol and commence at any point throughout the year.

Please see our Online Service Standards for more information on studying online with 4 Up Skilling:

Online Service Standards

* Please note that while 4 Up Skilling aim to schedule all workshops as advertised, changes due to unforeseeable circumstance may occur from time to time. Every effort is made to ensure our learners and their employers are notified as soon as practical, and that no party is negatively impacted. Please call our office if you have further queries on 03 5759 3276. To ensure you have the most up-to-date schedule, please contact our office.


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