The Diploma of Agriculture offered by 4 Up Skilling Pty Ltd is contexualised for the Poultry Sector. It is designed for supervisors and managers currently working on poultry farms, managing site production, and staffing needs. The Diploma has a strong practical focus linked to real farm outcomes and business efficiencies, designed to improve production.


Key features include:

  • The use of industry specialists recognised as experts in the poultry industry.
  • A cost effective training option.
  • A strong focus on sustainable farming practices.
  • The development of employability skills designed to improve production.


The training topics include:

  • WH & S
  • Managing staff
  • Managing poultry production system
  • Poultry health
  • Managing business performance
  • Managing data
  • Quality assurance
  • Managing pasture for free range
  • Business planning

Delivery Structure

The course will be delivered over 18 to 24 months, depending on the experience of the individual learner. Training is typically conducted from May to November each year (for both a Year 1 & Year 2 group). During this time various workshops, workplace visits and workplace assessments are conducted. Workshops varying in length from
1 to 5 days.


You can download a copy of the AHC50116 Diploma of Agriculture course information booklet here:

AHC50116 Course Information Booklet

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