EggTasters is an initiative of Australian Eggs. EggTasters has been designed to give companies a short snap shot into different training opportunities for their staff. Four 2 hour training sessions have been developed and are aimed at different levels of your company structure. Companies can choose to do one or more of the following topics with 4 Up Skilling (RTO 32141):


Topic One: How could that disease get onto our farm?
For team leaders & management

Training Topics

  • Virus and bacteria.
  • The cycle of disease.
  • Routes of infection.
  • How to assess your vaccination program.


Topic Two: Build a strong motivated team – DISC Advance Profiling
For team leaders & management

Training Topics

  • Understand how to develop their teams and build strong team dynamics.
  • Understand how to integrate specific staff development strategies.
  • How to re-motivate your team by addressing peoples specific needs.
  • Provide a tool for people to utilise their strengths and look for personal opportunities to improve.


Topic Three: Play it safe on the farm
For farm staff and team leaders

Training Topics

  • PPE – What not to wear
  • Hazard Identification and risk assessment
  • Responsibilities on farm – who’s to blame?
  • Manual handling
  • WHS workplace documentation


Topic Four: Thermoneutral zone for all
For farm staff and team leaders

Training Topics

  • Air quality and its importance
  • Multifactorial pressure’s
  • Thermoneutral zone
  • Importance of the stock people

Workshop Details
Venue: On Your Farm
Cost: Free for Australian Eggs Members

Contact Robyn on 0407 358 191 or for more information